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Learn. The. Game.

#1CollegePlanning book for Minority families! 

Former College Dean tells it all. Because after all, you can't plan for what you don't know~

This book explains how to get from High School into College debt FREE.

About the Author

Dr. Sonya Shuler-Okoli is an Academic Educator with over 13+ years of Kindergarten to College professional work experience. 

From Harvard to Devry in roles like Financial Aid Counselor & Chief Academic Officer/Campus Dean and work as an Educational Researcher in K12 Urban Public Schools. A committed educational leader who served as Immediate Past President of the Georgia Higher Education Alliance, Member of the Georgia Women in Higher Education and Institutional Lead for the National Association of Colleges & Universities. 

To date Dr. Sonya has helped over a dozen Non-Profit Organizations build impactful College Readiness Programs empowering thousands of families with the tools & resources needed to get IN and avoid crippling debt.