"The Secret To Raising Kids Who Graduate From Kindergarten And College" _______________________________ 

DESCRIPTION Yes! Your Child Can Get Into The Best College & Graduate Debt-Free!  

But as easy as society makes this "plan" sound matriculating high school competitively, selecting an appropriate university, avoiding student loans, earning a degree and securing gainful employment can be challenging without proper guidance. This book tells you how!  

Did you know that even the most academically "prepared" students those zoned to the best school districts, top 10% of graduating class, full ride scholarships and elite school recruits; STILL end up in-debt, underemployed or worst degreeLESS.  

Why---because this is all a result of: * Attending ill-fitted institutions * Failure to take early college planning seriously * Selecting majors purely on GP * And a Lack of understanding the college way  

"Our School Counselor recommended this book. Like many parents I was overwhelmed by google infromation overload. Yet I was pleasantly surprised by the loads of resources that left my son feeling empowered to hit the ground running into high school next year!" Jen Whitaker, Middle School Parent  


In this new book, Bestselling Author and Former Chief Academic Officer & College Dean, Dr. Sonya teaches parents the "game" based on her first-hand direct experience as a public school researcher and academic educator in the very institutions students aspire to attend.  

A witty, funny, conversational meets informational guide combines not-so-common sense with straight no chaser advice you won't find anywhere else. Filled with everything your family needs to know, do and prove to ensure your student moves through elementary, middle and high school with college, career and financial end goals in mind.  

You will also learn about: * Academic Enrichment Programs * Why School Curriculum Matters * Commonly Un-used & Unknowns * Summer Bridge Programs * Financial Strategies for Parents & Current College Students * Value of Tuition Management Systems *Strategic College Admissions Steps  

"In a world where tons of self-help books are written with the personal experiences credential; It's refreshing to encounter an author who has literally been there and done that" Michael Reddington, Youth Advocate  

PRODUCT DETAILS The Table of Contents  

Chapter One- Team Get That Baby To College Chapter Two- Do You Speak Higher Ed Chapter Three- How To Do High School Chapter Four- Best Fit vs. Top Ranked Chapter Five- Early Career Exploration Advice Chapter Six - The Power of Summer Bridge Programs Chapter Seven- Beyond A College Tour Chapter Eight- Colleges Have Wish Lists Too Chapter Nine- Don’t Forget Plan B Chapter Ten- The Financial Frontier  


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About the Author

Dr. Sonya is an Academic Educator with over 13+ years of Kindergarten to College professional work experience. 

From Harvard to Devry in roles like Financial Literacy Counselor & College Dean and work as an Educational Researcher in K12 Urban Public Schools. A committed educational leader who served as Immediate Past President of the Georgia Higher Education Alliance, Member of the Georgia Women in Higher Education and Institutional Lead for the National Association of Colleges & Universities. 

To date Dr. Sonya has helped over a dozen Non-Profit Organizations build impactful College Readiness Programs; While empowering thousands of families with the tools & resources needed to get their kids off and running into grade school and through college degreeD & gainfully employed! 


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